It was time for a make over in this 1980’s condo. The space felt tired and several pieces had seen their day. The room also felt closed in with the lack of lighting and the unwanted soffit over the tub.

  • The plumber and HVAC contractors were involved in relocating items from the soffit so the space could be reclaimed
  • An LED can light was added to the tub area and new decorative light above the vanity to brighten the space
  • The dark tub and cultured marble surround were replaced with a new white tub and custom ceramic/glass tile surround
  • Corian corner shelves were added in each corner to increase storage without distracting from the new tile
  • A taller white shaker vanity cabinet replaced the previous oak one and a quartz remnant was selected for easy cleaning
  • The toilet and medicine cabinet are original, however a matching door to the vanity was provided to blend the medicine cabinet in with the new

This end result was a brighter, modernized bathroom with simple lines that puts a smile on everyone’s face!

(last 2 pictures are before)