Front porches can be considered a thing of the past, but many older homes wouldn’t look the same without them. This porch had been replaced by a previous owner due to necessity over the years, but it was time again. Now that the home was in a historical neighborhood the new owners wanted to restore it back to its original appearance with longer lasting products currently available.
  • The porch was removed and rebuilt based on what was found during demolition.
  • As the boards were removed they told the story of the original porch design.
  • Railing location that allowed the local building inspector to approve the new shorter height railing against current building codes.
  • With the materials that were used, the porch will live on for several generations with very little maintenance and look fresh as the day these photos were taken.

What a great way to add a fresh look and life back into the community!
P.S. The owners have now decided to also add the lattice back under the porch (notice this in the last picture)