The new homeowners loved the location of their home but the kitchen was lacking. Before they moved in, they asked for help to get the kitchen functional for a modern day family of four. The out of date kitchen lacked storage and needed more counter-top for the active family. Since the mortgage had just been signed a tight budget was also supplied. Safety was a major concern for the young family members due to the “tipsy” wall oven in the current layout.

  • After much design research, a layout with an island worked the best to improve the flow to the many entrances thru the space
  • It also provided a snack bar for the family and a large meal prep space
  • To help with the tight budget, a stock cabinet line and laminate counter-tops were selected
  • The existing soffits were also preserved preventing major structural change
  • The electrical and plumbing had minor relocation to bring the space up to current city safety codes
  • New stainless appliances added to the function


Now the kitchen is the hub of the home!

(last 2 pictures are before)


Location:Madison, Wi