When the new family moved into their 1980’s home, they knew the first thing that needed to be done was to “bust” open the kitchen to the living room space. The existing kitchen was a small U shape that was so small the dishwasher had to fit under the sink. A wall separating the dining room and another separating the front living room were making the kitchen feel cramped and not allowing the cook to feel part of the young families lives.

  • The walls were removed and a load bearing beam was installed, This allowed the space to be opened and a new kitchen shape to be designed
  • The large island was designed to add counter-top space and additional storage, It also created a homework/study space
  • A cabinet pantry was installed to balance the tall fridge cabinet, This also created the favorite space in the kitchen, the reading nook
  • A new window by the sink and the addition of LED can lights has also brightened the space


With the addition of family antiques, the kitchen now is the hub of activity but warm and inviting for years to come!

(last 2 pictures are before)


Location:DeForest, Wi