A typical storage basement was transformed into a multi-purpose family retreat by laying out a new floor plan to create several spaces:

  • play-space for kids
  • guest bedroom
  • 3/4 bathroom
  • office
  • workout space
  • storage room


The main room was finished by painting the existing ceiling boards white, framing in bookcases, preserving the original wood support beams, and carpeting.  It now can be sectioned for a workout area, sitting area, office and play-space.

The existing bathroom space included only a toilet.  By adding a tiled shower, vanity and inserting a door in the back corner, there is now a bathroom accessible for both the main room and bedroom.

To create the bedroom, an egress window was added and the resulting area was enclosed with a storage bench.  The additional room behind the bedroom enclosed for a storage space with shelving.

Not only has the finished square footage of the home been increased, but the basement is now organized to create a retreat for guests large and small!

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Location:Madison, Wi
Year Completed:2017