A homeowner is always looking to explore for additional space, especially in a smaller house. This young family was looking for more family space and an in-home office. The basement in the newer house had been finished by the previous homeowner but lacked light and storage to accomplish their goal. The result was a space that wasn’t enjoyable to inhabit.

  • Light was the first frontier to conquer: 3 windows were added to the south facing main wall that allowed natural light to flood in
  • An egress window was also cut into the back office area for added light and safety
  • To mimic the terrain of the upstairs space, the cold basement floor was lifted a few inches across the entire living area with the use of a wood platform
  • The spring in the floor adds to the feeling of being on the main floor while creating a barrier to the cold empty space beneath
  • Custom storage was added beneath the stairs, also in the form of a speaker bridge, and a display shelf as you enter the office
  • The striking bold paint color coordinates with the sitting area and visually warms and welcomes all who voyage down


Now the enterprising space feels like an extension of the rest of the home and you hardly know you are in a basement!

(last 2 pictures are before)


Location:Madison, Wi