Our Crew

Time 2 Remodel® uses local skilled and insured craftsmen to create the quality finished project you are looking for.

CREATIVITY is often needed when remodeling and not all plumbers and electricians are skilled to work in that kind of challenging environment.  The plumber and electrican we use often work on remodeling projects and they take pride in coming up with the creative solution that your project needs.

Time 2 Remodel® also always keeps in mind that we are working in your home and hire professionals that are courteous and insured. Below are a few of them.



Derric comes from Belleville but often works in the Madison market. His product knowledge of the most up to date fixtures has allowed Time 2 Remodel® to include dimmable LED wafer lights and undercabinet lighting as a standard offering on projects. Think electrical bill savings!


Designer/ Project manager
Janean has been working in kitchen & bath design for 28 years and has a BFA in Interior Design from Iowa State University. Her most recent position was kitchen & bath designer at Gerhards – Kitchen & Bath Store for 16 years. She helps select cabinetry, plumbing products, tile, countertops etc… and the 20/20 3D project drawings you enjoy seeing. Yes, she is from Iowa but don’t hold that against her.


Lead Carpenter
Ez loves doing the detail work of installing cabinetry and crown molding as well as seeing a project through to the punchlist.  His creativity and skill is appreciated on all his projects and is recognized by all our homeowners.  He originally comes from California but has enjoyed learning about his new home, Wisconsin!



Joshua has experience in many parts of the construction industry for both rough and trim carpentry. He appreciates the details of a project and enjoys when the homeowner is happy with the finished product.  He and Ez make a great team!

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