This past 1980’s “parade home” was built with a contemporary architecture, however the kitchen was traditional for the time period. The vaulted ceilings and angled windows of the family room and sunroom surrounded the traditional soffited oak kitchen. The homeowner was ready to cross the kitchen over to compliment the rest of the home. Here […]


    Family Lifestyles have changed over the years and now open kitchens/great rooms allow a family to enjoy time together. This 1979 home had a previous kitchen remodel in the late 1990’s, but it was one of the few spaces that didn’t work for the new homeowners. The kitchen was separated from the family room and […]


    This 1960’s kitchen was tired and just worn out. The cabinets needed repair and they lacked storage. The only window faces north, so the kitchen was often dark and lacked task lighting. The four legged family member had special storage requirements also for food dishes and a better way of cleaning up. The wall cabinets […]


    The new homeowners loved the location of their home but the kitchen was lacking. Before they moved in, they asked for help to get the kitchen functional for a modern day family of four. The out of date kitchen lacked storage and needed more counter-top for the active family. Since the mortgage had just been […]


    When the new family moved into their 1980’s home, they knew the first thing that needed to be done was to “bust” open the kitchen to the living room space. The existing kitchen was a small U shape that was so small the dishwasher had to fit under the sink. A wall separating the dining […]


    After almost 30 years in the family home, it was finally time to remodel. The 1950’s home was in the need for additional storage and counter top space. The existing layout of the kitchen caused the fridge and range to be tight in the corner and there wasn’t the convenience of a dishwasher. In the […]


    Homes from the early 20th century often have kitchens that are closed off from the rest of the home. The way families used a kitchen back then is very different to the open hub of activity we often use them for now. This kitchen still had a similar layout to when it was built that […]


    Have you ever wanted a kitchen that brightened your day? The original “mod” kitchen from the 60’s had a classic copper metal tile back-splash, typical separate cook-top and wall-oven and only had a single center light fixture that made the kitchen look dark on the north side of the home. By removing the soffits and […]


    A 1950’s ranch home usually has small bedrooms, small kitchens and often doesn’t have space for a dining room. The home owner had decided to do their project in phases. They added an attached 2 stall garage with 2 bedrooms and bath above last year. This year they removed the 2 bedrooms and bath on […]


    This 1950’s galley kitchen didn’t functional well for the new young owners. The portable dishwasher had been added but never direct plumbed, the separate wall oven and cook-top didn’t allow for enough counter-top space and well as the tall pantry cabinet cutting up the peninsula work space. Two plans were proposed and happily the couple […]


    This home had the typical separated kitchen and dining room, however a previous remodel had tried to open them up. The flow still wasn’t working until the separating wall was completely removed. The appliances could then be arranged to assist the cook and help with the flow between the front rooms and the back sitting […]

  • Maximizing the Existing Kitchen Space

    A typical builder’s kitchen called out for design assistance when the homeowner needed a better layout and more contemporary aesthetics. The original rectangular kitchen space incorporated cabinetry only on one end and created a large unused area at the other end. By lengthening the island and rearranging the cabinet storage, the kitchen created a contemporary […]


    The original kitchen needed light, storage and better organization. A previous addition had allowed for the sink window to be changed into a pass thru, but the space called out to be more open and the function of kitchen had changed with the addition. By opening up the pass thru into the new family room […]


    What do you do with an 1800’s farmhouse that has an outdated 1960’s kitchen remodel? A large room had been closed in to create a dark U-shaped kitchen. The rest of the space had been left to create dark hallways that wrapped around the central kitchen. Since the 1960’s addition of the family room was […]

  • Bright Galley Kitchen

    This small galley kitchen was brightened with white cabinetry and low maintenance quartz tops.

  • Creating a Contemporary Chef’s Kitchen (CoTY Award and Regional Chrysalis Award Winner)

    After sitting vacant for a couple years, this foreclosed property needed a lot of work to become what the new owners were looking for. The floor-plan was chopped up in many small rooms and had some structural concerns that needed to be addressed An open floor plan was planned and several unique appliances were requested […]


    The old kitchen didn’t fit the character that the owners wanted in the home. The cabinets were run down, the flooring needed updating, and the room in general needed help The existing oak cabinets were updating by painting & rearranged after the dining room wall was removed Now a new cherry island could be added […]

  • Contemporary Open Concept Kitchen (Chrysalis Award Winner)

    The Brady bunch might have lived here before in this chopped up living area, but big changes were needed. Kitchen, dining, living space was opened up with the removal of walls and added beam in the attic space Two different colors of cabinets were used to define the spaces along with the dropped ceiling over […]


    Remodeling this dark 1960’s kitchen brightened this ranch home with white inset cabinets. The layout was changed to incorporate both sides of the room adding storage and counter-top space. The custom inset white painted cabinetry allowed for several organizing features. In addition to the kitchen, both bathrooms were updated with new fixtures and tile. The […]

  • Creative Galley Kitchen

    Oak cabinets with custom tile backsplash were used in this galley kitchen. A creative curved shaped peninsula gives the room additional counter top space and an area for conversation.

  • Fresh Kitchen Remodel

    A dark 1980’s kitchen didn’t give the new owners the entertaining bright space they needed with the functional and storage required. The professional cook-top was the only thing the homeowners were interested in keeping. By adding a duplicate window on the sink wall and arranging the cabinetry to include a peninsula for seating, the space […]

  • Making Two Rooms From One Kitchen–Parade of Remodeling Participant

    This 1950’s ranch had been remodeled in the 1980’s but didn’t serve the needs of the young family of 4 who had moved in. An existing galley kitchen and large eat in area did not allow for the needed work-space or storage. The floor plan also did not create organized traffic flow from the private […]

  • Small Kitchen with Big Impact

    This 1920’s home needed help with both the main bath and kitchen at the same time. The kitchen was tight and lacked storage options Lightly stained maple cabinets add to the light feel of the room Added storage options can be found in the pots/pan drawers, tall tray, storage, wall cabinets to the ceiling and […]

  • Re-worked Display Makes New Kitchen

    The homeowner received a great deal on a showroom display and by adding only a couple new cabinets, a reworked display made for a great contemporary space.

  • Contemporary Kitchen Opened for Entertaining

    This 1970’s kitchen was closed off to the rest of the home. The cook wanted to entertain and feel involved with the activities of entertaining. By removing the corner of the room, the space was opened to the formal dining room Another wall was removed to open the space to the casual dining area near […]

  • Updated U-shape Kitchen

    The original U-shaped layout didn’t provide the countertop and storage the homeowner needed in their existing kitchen. The typical builder grade oak cabinets, soffits and central lighting darkened the room and the space needed a face lift. Removing the soffits, selecting semi-custom limestone (light gray) painted maple cabinets and reworking the appliance placement slightly, allowed […]

  • Opening Up a Kitchen

    This kitchen was cut off from the dining room with a door and pass thru. By removing the door and wall, it was now open and inviting. New Cambria quartz countertops were selected that coordinated with the new tile backsplash. The snack bar top was selected in an accent color. Just a little updating and […]

  • Updating the Family Home

    This house was built by the homeowners father in the 50’s, but it was time for updating. Soffits were removed, lighting was updated, and appliances were relocated. Granite tops, oak cabinets and a custom tile back splash detail updated the design. This all resulted in more storage and a bright new functional kitchen for the […]

  • Small Kitchen with a Small Budget

    The before photos show how poorly this original 1950’s kitchen functioned. The new owners needed counter top space, storage and a functional layout. The sink had to stay in the peninsula due to access to the plumbing pipes, but luckily was able to be moved to the corner to add counter top space on each […]

  • Kitchen Facelifts Can Be Easy

    This kitchen was how the builder originally left it, basic vinyl floor, laminate tops, no crown molding. We were able to install a stain matched crown molding, Silestone quartz countertops, LVT flooring and a decorative backsplash tile. What a change! The homeowners say it is what they always wanted to do since they moved in […]

  • Updating a 1960’s Kitchen

    The kitchen in this 1960’s home felt closed in and dark. The homeowner wanted something that would update the space but not feel out of place with the rest of the home’s architecture. Changing from a peninsula to an island was the first decision This allowed us to open up the space by removing the […]

  • Bright 1930’s Kitchen with Added Storage

    When your kitchen has 1 window and is dark at the back of the house, one option is to brighten it with white cabinets and add much needed lighting. The corian countertops add function and go beautifully with the new vinyl floor. Cabinets were added above the fridge, around the range and on a secondary […]

  • NARI “Tour of Remodeling” Kitchen Addition

    When the new owners looked at their home, they knew the space had potential for expansion. A creative floor plan was used to incorporate a mudroom, master suite and larger open kitchen. The original kitchen was re-sized and made used as the mudroom on the back side of the cooktop. The kitchen was then reoriented […]

  • Relocating a Kitchen

    Even when you build a new home you may find things that you would change later. The kitchen in this 2002 home always felt crowded and the dining room felt detached from the activity in the main great room. The family knew that the space needed to be changed but not the path to accomplish […]

  • Kitchen with Added Flow and Function

    Sometimes a kitchen just needs more space to flow properly. The original home had an add on garage and family room floor plan that caused the new owners to go outside the garage before entering with groceries. The kitchen lacked storage, counter-top space and was a dark hallway with no eat in dining. By bumping […]

  • Kitchen for 2 Cooks

    The 2 cooks of the home couldn’t enjoy cooking together in the small original U-shaped space. The space was also lacking storage and counter-top space. By moving the peninsula 2 feet out and increasing the interior floor space, there is now room to cook while someone washes or preps the meal The wood floor was […]