• New metal roof, siding & front door

    New metal roof, upper siding & wood front door were added.

  • Adding a Second Story

    This was your typical 1940’s ranch home with just an unfinished attic. The homeowner was looking for more space with the addition of a master suite in the attic. A dormer was added off the back and two in the front to give the necessary headroom for the stairs, bedroom, and master bath The master […]

  • New screen porch addition

    Added screen porch to rural exterior

  • Three seasons to Four

    Insulating and replacing windows to made this 3 season space go to 4. The family can now enjoy the additional square footage all year round!

  • New Cedar deck

    The original smaller deck was removed and a larger cedar deck with metal railing was added.

  • Horrible to Historic Front Porch

    Front porches can be considered a thing of the past, but many older homes wouldn’t look the same without them. This porch had been replaced by a previous owner due to necessity over the years, but it was time again. Now that the home was in a historical neighborhood the new owners wanted to restore […]

  • Dated Deck to All Season Sunroom

    Even though this home was only a couple decades old, the original deck already needed replacing. The deck shook when you walked on it and was becoming a safety concern for their family and friends. What the current family needed was a sun-room to enjoy all year round. The original deck was completely removed New […]