An outdated small bathroom didn’t work for this professional couple. The bathroom was small and the angled ceiling where the roof line showed, closed in the ceiling space. The couple wanted

  • To enlarging their bath with added storage
  • Needed more functional space
  • To create a custom shower within the confines of the structure

The fist step was looking at the wasted dead-end hallway space. It was decided that the bathroom would benefit from using the hallway inside the bathroom. This would enlarge the bathroom within the existing walls of the home. It would also add storage and by switching the linen and tub space, it would allow for more headroom in the new custom shower. The angled door of the adjacent bedroom also now mirrors the entry door to the bathroom, feeling as though it has always been there.

After the floor plan had been revised and approved, the product selection began with the choice of a custom shower package.

  • The cross handles were selected to compliment the older style of the home
  • A medicine cabinet was framed into the existing stud wall to add recessed storage
  • The timeless white subway tile was selected but was grouted with an accent of color, to give the space visual texture in this monochromatic space
  • The angled roof line was now inside the linen but still allowed for more storage.

This couple loves collecting antiques, so being able to reuse the existing door for the linen space pleased them and saved on budget. The other details like the door handles and cross handles matched the character of their home but still allowed for added function.

The couple is enjoying their new enlarged bathroom, additional storage space and modern tiled shower. The best part is that the bathroom looks like it is part of the original architecture but updated to accommodate this modern couple for years to come.