As with most basements, the original space wasn’t living up to its potential.  A basement owner’s suite was requested in this 1990’s home but where do you start?  Time was devoted to designing a floor plan that incorporated several needed functions:

  • bedroom
  • walk in closet
  • work out room
  • office space
  • bedroom with enough headroom in the shower
  • TV/family room


The existing furnace and drain pipes were built around to create each space.  A bathroom space across the hall from the bedroom included a taller height vanity, granite counter-top and large shower space.  The bedroom incorporates an attached walk in closet.  At the end of the hall, space was available for workout equipment and an office niche.


Now the young family can enjoy the TV/family room while the parents have their own basement retreat!

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Location:Madison, Wi
Year Completed:2017